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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight is the approach of snow tomorrow and the winter weather advisory is currently in place in the western portion of our viewing area and penndot has already started brining i-95 this video from chopper 6 hd over the corridor brine today and salt tomorrow. lets get the latest from adam joseph at the big board. adam welcome home. >> good to be back and i'm happy to say for the snow lovers you'll get some here tomorrow afternoon and even a little bit of light snow showers in the lehigh valley this afternoon and the showers have now pushed off the coast and we are awaiting a clipper system pushing into the northern plains weak and moisture starved but there is energy to the south and they will collide close to our region and we are be grazed and scraped by the moisture as it pushes off the coast.
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winter weather advisories go into affect for the western suburbs of 238d, from reading to lancaster oxford and middletown and as close as media to philadelphia, and the precipitation type as it begins and when it ends will be all snow from millville to the north, between millville and dover a change at the onset through the evening hours tomorrow and it's the timing and not the strength of the storm that will really impact the evening rush tomorrow from noon until 3:00 is when the snow and sleet arrives from the south and east, the steadiest snow arrives from 4:00 until 8:00 and it starts to wrap out and pull out from the northeast to the southeast. we'll show you what to expect from the snow and more potential for snow and rain over the weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. our coverage of wintery weather tomorrow continuing at, we have the future
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tracker maps posted to help you plan your day and as always you can see the latest weather reports along with the hourly and seven-day forecasts. other news tonight, tom wolf was inaugurated governor of pennsylvania today. >> that i will support and obey the constitution -- >> that was the scene in harrisburg as wolf took the oath of office to become the 47th chief executive and now it turns to hershey for the celebration. walter perez is live now. >> the governor is showing how he is just a little bit different, past governors had inaugural balls that were much more lavish with black tie events and inaugural parades but that is not the case with tom wolf, this affair like wolf himself is low key, low key with high expectakings.
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>> with his hand on a family bible the 47th governor of pennsylvania was signed in today. >> i will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity. congratulations. >> thank you. >> and so the tom wolf era begins, within his first few hours, the philadelphia democrat signed orders barning employees from accepting gifts and wolf knows he has bigger fish to fry like covering a projected $2.3 billion deficit and emposing a tax on natural gas drillers while working with the gop. ed rendell says the knew guy faces challenges but -- >> there is a trade off. tom is a businessman and knows how to give and take. >> and he is cautiously
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optimistic that wolf will meet the gop halfway. >> the devil is in the details, the legislate your has their priorities and he has their priorities part of the art of governing is helping each other reach the priorities. >> and his promise to be an unconventional governor he outlined his goals. more jobs and better schools and a government that works and taking the time to thank the voters for helping him meet the goals. >> to those of you out there who didn't vote for me i hope i'm able to give you a chance over the next four years to believe. >> now wolf lightheartedly made references to made him unique like operating a fork lift and managing a hardware store and joining the peace corps.
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>> mike stack was sworn in as lieutenant governor. he served 14 years in the state senate representing the 5th district, he now serves as the chambers presiding officer. ♪♪ ♪♪ the chester childrens chorus took part in the inauguration today the group was one of three selected to perform before wolf took office and they closed the ceremony with a rendition of america the beautiful. our coverage of governor wolf's inauguration continues on you can see photographs from the ceremony in harrisburg and watch the entire inaugural address and walter perez will be back at 11:00 and will have a wrap up of the inaugural celebration live from hershey. >> president barack obama will give his next to last state of the union speech tonight. we know that some of the main
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priorities, obama will propose tax relief to the middle class to the tune of $250 billion cuts to be paid for by wealthy americans and businesses and obama will call for seven days of paid sick leave for employees and lower mortgage premiums and free community college tuition, and the president will declare that america's economy is resurging and these measures must be taken. you can watch the address here beginning at 9:00. a woman from pemberton township is formerly charged with the murder of her newborn baby. she made her first appearance in mount holly today. nora muchanic is live outside of the courthouse with the story. >> jim this 22-year-old mother remains behind bars held on a half million dollars bail but we
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don't know motive why this happened and what we did learn today is more of the disturbing details that led to the death of this newborn. >> it's just not human to do that. >> that is the reaction of many people that are trying to figure out why 22-year-old she allegedly set her newborn baby on fire, she was in court via video hookup. after giving birth to a baby girl, she wrapped the newborn in a towel and paper with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached and went to a remote area of simon town road and police say set fire to the infant using a can of wd 40 oil. >> people are not right things are not right. i don't know what to say it's horrible. >> she was confronted by resident, dave joseph who
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insisted she extinguish a burning object in the roadway. >> they realized there was a baby contained in the burning. >> the infant died two hours later because of third degree burns that covered 60% of her body. a vigil will take place at the browns mills united methodist church, the pastor there says he met with her family and her mother and sisters did not know she was pregnant. >> they had no idea this was taking place or of the pregnancy until the birth took place and the next thing they knew police were knocking on their door. >> now family members say that she is extremely remorseful and could face life in prison if convicted. the little infant is named angelica. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the verdict was guilty today in the racketeering trial of union boss, joe dougherty he
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was charged with using violence and intimidation to make sure union workers were hired for local jobs, he is head of iron workers local 401 a union official who pleaded guilty testified that dougherty ordered the fire at the meeting house at chestnut hill because the structure was being built with none union crews. bensalem police arrested and charged a man for sexually assaulting two young gishls during a sleep over party at his home. david huebsch surrendered to police today and one victim was in the girl scouts with his daughter and police are investigating if there are other victims. the 26-year-old was charged with indecent assault and unlawful contact. the university of delaware students are helping an ohio family restore memories nearly
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destroyed in a devastating fire and lisa thomas-laury has the story. >> and a south jersey man is defying doctor's predictions he would never walk again and now he is racing 5-k's we are tracking a mixture of snow and sleet depending on your location we'll let you know how often you'll see. >> flyers at home tonight, against the penguins those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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camden is starting to wipe unsafeies off its map.
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it's phase one to rid them of abandoned properties and unsafe streets. atlantic city's newest resident is looking to fill resources they held a job fair at the a.c. convention center, the hunting and fishing super store has full-time and part-time and management positions available. it's slated to open sometime this spring. students at the university of delaware are working on a project to help an ohio family heel. it comes after a devastating holiday fire ark fire that killed three brothers and their grandmother. lisa thomas-laury has the story. >> the faces emerge from the charred remnants of charity. these first year grad students
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restoring 300 burned and water damaged photographs recovered in ohio after christmas. >> they stay with grandma. >> christopher was a close friend of the boy from high school. and suggested they take on the project. >> there was some overall surface dirt and grime and i am in the process of removing that to restore the image as best as we can. >> we have black soot on the surfaces. >> only ten students are accepted in the university of delaware program of art con conversationcon conservation. they started to renew the photos. >> you hear about these tragic stories on the news but once the paragraphs came in and we looked at them and saw the faces of those affects it hit me hard.
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>> this is a photo of the grandmother who died on the fire, there is some pretty severe straining i'm working to reduce. >> we feel connected to the family and it's totally powerful. a project that we treasure that we can try in some small way to help this family that has suffered such an enormous tragedy. >> the students are wrapping up their project and will complete the cleaning of the photos today and willdify them.
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flyers cross state come to the wells fargo center. >> the penguins are in town and sydney crosby and the penguins
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came into town and got ice time. the flyers won the past two meetings between the two teams. >> this is a tough building to play in and we have had playoff series here that are intense and knowing that and knowing what to expect -- >> can't wait. the sixers hit the halfway point 8 wins 33 losses and yesterday's loss is a bit troubling the wizards beat them by 33 points. the knicks, the sixers are better than they were at the beginning of the season but there is still a long way to go. >> in regards to where we are at and i'm pleased with, our half-court defense is pretty good and we have to continue offensively to pass the ball and share the ball better. i think we are getting there. >> perseverance jaime apody has
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found a better definition of the word, a local athlete, matthew rich. >> for matthew rich nothing has been easy. >> the glassboro native was born at 29 weeks with cerebral palsy and he decided to prove them all wrong after being told he would never walk. >> felt like the heavy weight champion of the world like i competed in a title fight and when i got to my mom my exact words were, it took me 28 years but i finally did it. i accomplished the biggest goal i ever wanted to achieve in my life. i wanted to walk on my own two feet since i was a little boy and i thought what would i do next. >> matt decided to sign up for a 5-k race, my brother andrew said
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to me you want to walk the last ten yards without your crunches i said yes lets do it. >> he has competed in several races and improved his time. on this day, matt decided to wear the jersey of raven's quarterback, joe flacco matt is trying to land on a national tv show and the native has take and to twitter to support him. >> how does it make you feel that a super bowl winning quarterback is taking up your cause. >> it means a lot that he took the time to do that. when he did that, it caught everybody's attention. >> that is all matt is trying to do, capture attention for a condition that may slow him down but never stop him. >> the most important thing vebral palsy is the celebrity. matt rich is just a guy that
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carries it. >> jaime apody channel 6 "action news." >> matt is now doing motivational speaking. >> thank you ducis. adam joseph has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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jacob is still smiling and are you back and the world goes on. >> it's nice to marry the two together and i feel sorry for those that don't want to hear about the snow thing. throw me to the wolves here as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, we have a few light rain showers in areas moving off
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the coast and it did wet the roadways across the region this evening and temperatures remain above freezing and there is no icing concern this evening. not a lot of snow midweek tomorrow but it is bad timing especially for the evening rush hour, here is a look at how much we are expecting when you look at the raw model data, a half inch from philadelphia 2.2 for the new hampshire and 2.8 on the rpm model and we'll wedge ourselves to the 1 to 2 inches and it's during the evening rush hour we call it a red light forecast, the bridge and the overpasses are the first to slush or start to freeze over tomorrow as the temperatures drop below freezing once the sunsets and the secondary roadways are of some concern. today we are coming off a mild day the same for yesterday we have two back to back days with
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temperatures in the mid-40s, the warmest two days we have seen in two weeks the low this morning 29 degrees, normally we sit around 40 for the afternoon 33 for reading and 33 in allentown and still above freezing in wilmington and philadelphia and at the shore with showers in atlantic city, we are at 42 degrees, a weak system and a ripple of energy passing through and that supplied rain and mixed snow showers in parts of berks and lehigh county and clouds erode to the west and we see a period of clearing skies tonight and first thing tomorrow morning for the rush hour, before the two systems start to collide and merge and come out of the northern plains and the mid-atlantic and the ohio valley and there is not a lot of moisture with this tomorrow. at 8:00, it's generally dry and quiet and for the lunch time hour it's not until the afternoon within sun backs out
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in the north and west and that blossoms through 7:30 tomorrow night and thereafter between 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and everything pulls away and we can see the clouds move on out as well. a general 1 to 2 in the poconos and lehigh valley as far south as millville and the mixing at the onset a coating to one inch, if you target an area close to 2 inches it would be in this bull's-eye zone, chadds ford and woodbury and philadelphia that is the best area we could see some dynamics in the atmosphere to try and throw up the totals a little bit. even at the max we see 2 inches here. early showers this evening and moving away partly cloudy 20 to 28 for the low and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, with the light snow falling during the day it's above freezing and deeper into the rush hour temperatures drop and things slush and start to
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ice over and then mostly cloudy and behind the system on thursday and seasonable, 40 degrees we stayed there for friday and average for this time of year with a decent amount of sun before we see another round of sun for your weekend at 37 degree we end the weekend breezy and bright at 40 before it turned colder monday and tuesday of next week. >> thank you adam. abc world news tonight next on channel 6 with david muir, "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on choice. for adam joseph ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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on this tuesday night from the nation's capital, the new terror threat from isis. the video, two hostages and their new demands. the world's most wanted man is back vowing to kill again. just as americans in another country are being urged to leave immediately. brian ross and martha raddatz standing by. also breaking tonight, the american hospital the suspect walking in authorities say shooting a cardiac surgeon. the deadly collapse. the overpass giving way. new questions tonight about america's highways. the mansion fire mystery growing tonight. the home burning to the ground and what we've now learned about the missing family. and we're here in washington for the state of the union. and tonight, what the president plans to say to america.


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